Video Pick: Rainbow Jackson – Anthony

If you know Rainbow Jackson, you know these guys can party. These housemates/beer swillers/rock antagonists take power-pop and turn it into a bar fight. “Anthony” is the new single off their new EP titled Perpetual Summer. If you haven’t been lucky enough to party with the best of em’, this video shows just how much fun these guys have. Oh and it’s in slow motion so you won’t miss a beat.



Tonight – 4/21/14 – Hunnypot Radio Live at The Mint w, Russel Hornbeek (Music Saves Lives) + TODDZERO + Rags and Ribbons + T.U.T. (The Universal Tone) + Farah Moans + L- Boogie (Performing Live)

4_21 flyer

7pm - John Anderson (Hot Tub Johnnie DJ-Set)

8:00pm - Russel Hornbeek (Music Saves Lives interview)

9:00pm - Todd Zero (Performing Live)

9:45pm - Rags & Ribbons (Performing Live)

10:30pm - T.U.T. The Universal Tone (Performing Live)

11:15pm - Farah Moans (Performing Live)

11:35pm - L-Boogie (Birthday Party/Performing Live)

No List, No Cover, Open to all +18!



Russel Hornbeek (w/ Music Saves Lives)

In 1987 at the age of 21 Russel Hornbeek started his own medical device company and specialized in the repair and sale of surgical instruments. Working worldwide, Hornbeek imported from Europe and the some Middle Eastern countries creating his own line of surgical instruments under his company Horn Surgical Inc. At its peak, Hornbeek negotiated large contracts with top hospitals in the US. He held exclusive product contracts with international distributors. In 1997 he was asked to be a part of the American Red Cross staff as a recovery team technician and help with special projects that included instrument design used for the tissue banking industry. He became a certified tissue-banking specialist and was trained in recovery of many human tissue components, including heart for heart valves, bone and connective tissues. In 2005 and many changes in the medical and tissue banking industry, Hornbeek saw the opportunity to work with the American Red Cross Southern California Division for Blood Services where he was an Associate Directory of donor recruitment and then consulted in the marketing of blood donations within College and High School. In 2003 sold his company of 17 years. With his love of music, skill at marketing, a motivator and having the ability to adapt to the ever-changing world, he started consulting and managing musicians in the alternative rock and indie music genre. During this time he thought it was important to continue his work with the American Red Cross forming the connection between music and the youth market he worked with. He saw a huge need to reach out to young people and explain how easy and important it was to be a part of saving lives by donating blood. In 2006 Music Saves Lives a non-profit was born out of the need to raise the summer blood supply. Hornbeek was able to bridge the gap between summer concerts and connecting students back to donating blood for their community. Over the last 25 years, Russel has managed and organized successful programs that have impacted lives around the world. Today, Hornbeek works with some of the top musicians in the industry, some of the largest concert series and many blood banks nationally and internationally. Music Saves Lives has been directly linked to over 1 million blood donations and over 14,000 marrow registrations. MSL is the largest summer program ever for the American Red Cross reaching students under 25 and has received 5 such awards. MSL is generating a new blood donor base by encouraging over 200,000 first time blood donors. Music Saves Lives has saved 11 leukemia patients, and potentially could have saved close to 850,000 lives through blood donations. He also maintains relationships with government organizations to be on call to counsel in crisis situations and has trained with Fire and FBI chaplains.



TODDZERO crafts kaleidoscopic sounds with sonic textures that are equal parts inclusive and infectious. The Los Angeles-based artist formerly known as ToddO has garnered success in the blogosphere and from the critics: Anthony Fantano, host of NPR’s The Needle Drop podcast hailed TODDZERO as “a charismatic voice” and Under the Radar called the musician “a rare gem.”

Like a lot of kids, TODDZERO became obsessed with music at a young age. The first song the Yorba Linda, California native remembers listening to and loving was ‘Like a Rhinestone Cowboy’ by Glen Campbell. “Something about the lyrics and the melody made me want to sing along,” he says. He took a few guitar lessons and played, “in a million bands which then played at a million small venues” before putting music on the back burner in order to build a successful career in business. “There was a several-year stretch there where I didn’t even touch an instrument or sing in the shower,” he says.

All that changed in 2010. The artist began collaborating with a friend who owned recording equipment. “It was fun at first, but then the bug bit me,” TODDZERO says. “What started out as merely a hobby turned into a full-blown calling.” Immersing himself in the recording process, he bought his own gear and learned how to self-engineer a record.

Building on the newly generated buzz, TODDZERO wrote, recorded, and produced the bulk of his first full-length album. Stringing together songs full of ecstatic longing for rest and home, “Kid Heart” debuted June 4, 2013 on indie label Hembot Recordings. The album was mixed by Lee Bridges (MercyMe, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin) and mastered by Hans DeKline (Snoop Dogg). Former Capitol Records A&R exec Loren Israel (Neon Trees, Plain White T’s, Jimmy Eat World), offered A&R development.

The songs on “Kid Heart” weave electronica, indie, and Gospel to create a wholly distinct, persuasive sound buoyed by narrative songsmithing. Tracks explore lost youth and innocence, as well as spiritual themes of salvation, redemption, and homecoming.

Part diary and part concept album, “The first half of ‘Kid Heart’ is a collection of deeply personal songs, while the second half is almost a concept album with songs that follow the narrative of the final week of Christ’s life from the triumphal entry all the way to the resurrection,” TODDZERO explains. “It’s a unique mix, to be sure, but I think it’s one that both believers and nonbelievers can embrace.”

Before the full-length premiered, a couple of tracks leaked out: The album’s first single “Kid Heart” gained immediate airplay on iHeartRadio’s Los Angeles station Moheak, and the anthemic feel of “We Will Win” made it a good fit as the backing track for Los Angeles television station KTLA Channel 5′s nightly sports newscast.

After its debut, “Kid Heart” appeared on Noise Trade’s top download list. Louder Than The Music calls the release “heartfelt indie, creative and inspiring music sung by a vocalist who has a voice that most people would love to have. I for one would love to be able to write and sing like this guy. Since I can’t, I’ll just keep listening to this epic album.” TODDZERO plans to tour in support of “Kid Heart” throughout 2013. –Sara Billups

Rags and Ribbons

Rags & Ribbons play melodic rock anthems driven by classically-inspired piano. Progressive and post-rock influences by way of Queen, Muse, Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros color these intricate pop songs, expressing desire, yearning, regret and joy like only pop can. This Portland, Oregon band’s debut album, “The Glass Masses” features elaborately structured songs with rich harmonies and dramatic hooks.


T.U.T. (The Universal Tones)

The Universal Tone (T.U.T.) is a rock n’ roll/blues group formed in 2012 that meshes the classic sound of ’70s rock with contemporary pop sensibilities. Front person and rhythm guitarist, Jasmin Poncelet formed the band with hometown friend and lead guitarist, Garrett Craig, with the mission to bring musicianship and songwriting back into the forefront of mainstream music. After a handful of successful performances in the L.A. circuit (Universal Studios 5 Towers Main Stage, Whisky A Go Go, The Viper Room Lounge, El Portal Theatre, etc…), and the addition of Kenneth “Biz” Mackenzie on drums, this band of gypsy’s teamed up with Grammy Award winning engineer, Bob Horn to record their first feature project. The songs recorded were a collection of musical pieces and lyrics that Poncelet had been cultivating for the past three years and the outcome of those formations would eventually earn the title of T.U.T.’s the “Nebraska EP”. “Nebraska EP” is due for public release in the first quarter of 2014, while their debut music video for the lead single “Nebraska” is slated for a fourth quarter 2013 release. The band has been enthusiastically described as a melting pot of Jimi Hendrix and The Black Keys, stirred together with the passion and ferocity of Poncelet’s female fronted vocals.

“The energy this group has as a whole has always kept me going. I think it’s because we all have 100% passion attitude no matter what we play. I really do think something big is happening and the world needs to get ready for something different. Not generic.” -Jasmin Poncelet


Farah Moans

With little direction or experience in songwriting, Farah began writing songs in every genre. Her own musical influences were so broad, she found it very difficult to hone in her creativity into one neatly packaged style. What became apparent, however, was Farah’s uncanny gift with words and her ability to memorize her lyrics without ever having to write them down. Cognizant of her uncommon skills set, Farah decided on a whim one day to try and write a hip hop song  ”Royal Flush”.This was the beginning of her musical evolution. “I was tired of hearing these uninspired, lazy-ass rap songs on the radio, and said to myself ‘I could write a better rap’, so I did. I knew there was a space to filled and I could bring something different” . Her new direction in songwriting garnered immediate attention as people could not believe that such clever flows were coming from a “skinny little white girl from Utah”. Farah began performing her rhymes as a sort of party gag around Hollywood for anyone and everyone who didn’t believe she could rap. After one such freestyle session, Farah was introduced to Donte Boss by a mutual friend who thought the two would make for an awesome collaboration. Her hunch was correct. Farah and Donte quickly got a long like peas in a pod and saw an opportunity to develop Farah Moans’ project into a completely new and unique sound. The resulting release, Farah Moans debut EP “Precious Moanments” is a harmonious mélange of styles and influences. As Farah Moans continues to push the music envelope, her fans are left wanting more of her unique brand of storytelling and sex appeal. After all, you can’t resist the Farah Moans…


L-Boogie (Bday Bash)

If you don’t know, you’re missing out. The L-Boogie B-Day Bash is a national Hunnypot Holiday. End of story.

Hot Tub Johnnie DJ Set Tonight at Mandrake Bar 9pm…

Come hang with Oscar Mazzola and The No Request crew!

No Requests. DJ set

Video Pick: Eclectic Approach – Midnight

Eclectic Approach is back with another hilarious out of this world music video. The guys did a kickstarter and asked their fans what they wanted to see in their next music video. From cross dressing to breaking-and-entering to giant trampolines, this video has EVERYTHING! Thanks for all the fun guys!


audio from Hunnypot Radio Live 4-7-14 w. JT Griffith (Nike) + YNGCULT + Das Tapes + The Herms + Barbi Crash + E-Train + Gzus Piece [#288]


Hunnypot Radio Live Listening Party

Hot Tub Johnnie (DJ Set) + YNGCULT  (Interview) + JT Griffith (DJ Set + Interview) + Barbi Crash (Interview) [2h18m]:


Live Performances



PLAYLIST: Hunnypot Radio – Show #288 – 4-7-14

Theme Song: Thee Nullify Family – Surgeon General Warning

—— Hot Tub Johnnie DJ Set ——

Werly Fairburn – Everybody’s Rockin’

High Plane Drifters – Fire of God

The Fleets – Please Return To Me

The Pretenders – Tattooed Love Boys

Prima Donna – Tattooed Love Girls

The Last Internationale – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Indian Blood

The Dollyrots – Get Wired

Metronomy – Boy Racers

YNGCULT Interview

YNGCULT – Let’s Get It Back

Until The Ribbon Breaks – Perspective

Das Tapes – Fetish

Leikeli47 – C&C

Leikeli47 – Cus I Feel Like It

Doc Hollywood & Ya Boy – Palm Springs Beach House

Dreams In Static – You’re On Your Own (feat. Akie Bermiss)

Louis Prima Jr. – Go Lets Go

Syke’n’Sugarstarr – Ticket 2 Ride (Andrey Exx & Hot Hotels Radio Mix)

The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE

Daniel Jernmo – Sonata No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra (Am) [music bed]

—— JT Griffith DJ Set ——

Etta James – Welcome To The Jungle

Suuns – 2020

Munk – Kick Out The Chairs – Who Made Who Remix

Liquid Liquid – Cavern

Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter

Tanlines – All Of Me

Joywave – Tongues

Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight

Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better

Chromeo – Jealous (I Ain’t With It)

Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

1939 Ensemble – Sabotage

Barbi Crash Interview


Flyer Thumbnail HPR288


Hot Tub Johnnie and the HP Radio crew were back at The Mint for their 288th show. Hot Tub kicked the party off with some of HP favorites from The High Plane Drifters, The Dollyrots, Prima Donna, The Last Internationale and many more. You can listen back to Hot Tub’s complete set here and follow the playlist.

Joining us for a special sit down interview and handpicked dj set was none other than JT Griffith, who is Head Music Supervisor for Nike. JT’s set featured some of his top favorite artists, hitting us with songs from Etta James, Wild Cub, Tanlines, Sam Smith, Suuns and much more. Listen back to JT’s copmplete dj set and interview here. Be sure to follow JT on twitter for all his latest music biz happenings Nike and beyond.

Kicking off our live segment was LA based electronic duoYNGCULT. This was one of the duo’s first shows and for many the first time anyone has seen their identities. YNGCULT performed a brilliant set of tunes off their forthcoming EP, Capitoll. Be sure to listen back to their complete live set and look out for the standout tracks “Sides of War” and the lead single “Let’s Get It Back”. Follow@YNGCULT and stay up-to-date with their latest happenings at

Next to take over the stage was Hunnypot Artist, Das Tapes. The LA electro, dance, funk duo consisting of brothers Kevin and Mark Ignatius lit a fire under the Hunnypot crowd and ignited dancefloor madness with their hard hitting electro beats. The boys even debuted their new single “Fetish” which you should download now for FREE. If you missed Das Tapes’ set don’t worry you can listen back here in full. Follow the brothers on Facebook and Twitter.

Next up to the stage was indie rock outfit, The Herms. This new LA four piece kicked out the jams as they stormed through a raw, hard driving set featuring songs off their latest Castle Face Records release “Drop Out Vol. 1″. Listen back to their full set here. Be sure to follow The Herms onFacebook for all their latest updates, shows and releases.

Taking us into the late night performances and kicking off the hip hop portion of the show was LA based producer, rapper,Barbi Crash. This marked Barbi’s second time on the Hot Tub stage and he brought a whole new electro-infused hip hop dance set. You can listen back to Barbi’s complete set here. Follow Barbi @barbiCRASH on Twitter.

Next to hit the stage was long time Hunnypot favorite, E-Train, who dropped in for a special live set to premiere some of his latest bangers. If you’ve seen E-Train before you know he always bring the fire, but if you missed this past performance – no worries you can listen back to his full performance here. Be sure to follow E-Train @eTRAINmusic on Twitter.

Closing out the night was none other than Hunnypot’s own, Chi-town rapper and Treated Crew member, Gzus Piece. Fresh off the release of his new mixtape, Daily Bread, Gzus crushed a hard hitting hip hop set sending the HP crowd home with a well deserved buzz. Listen back to Gzus Piece’s entire set here. Follow Gzus @gzuspiece on Twitter.

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to support, perform, and both the The Mint and Hunnypot crews. We couldn’t make it all happen without each and every one of you!

Special Discount tickets to The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess at Ahmanson Theatre

Porgy and Bess

The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess

Ahmanson Theatre

April 22 – June 1, 2014

By George Gershwin, DuBose and
Dorothy Heyward, and Ira Gershwin

Great Mezzanine (C-P) and Mid Orchestra (R-W) seats from $45-$75 (Reg $65-$99). 
Call 213.972.4400 and refer to promo code “BROADWAY” or visit

Get swept away by the lush Gershwin score of this great American Tony Award®-winning musical.

The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess is set in Charleston’s fabled Catfish Row, where the beautiful Bess struggles to break free from her scandalous past, and the only one who can rescue her is the courageous Porgy. Threatened by her formidable former lover, and the seductive enticements of the colorful troublemaker, Porgy and Bess’ relationship evolves into a deep romance that triumphs as one of theater’s most exhilarating love stories.

Accompanied by a lush 23-piece orchestra, this re-envisioned Broadway production includes such legendary songs as “Summertime,” “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” and “I Got Plenty of Nothing.”

Groups of 15 or more can save up to 35% off select performances through May 18!

Student groups can also purchase $22 Balcony seats for performances Tuesday – Friday.

Call 213.972.7231 to reserve now.

*Save up to 30% on performances April 22 – May 2, 2014 in the Mezzanine (C-P) and Mid Orchestra (R-W). Prices range from $45-$75 (Reg $65-$99). Subject to availability.

Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses single debut from BLOW album – “Go Lets Go”

Hunnypot is proud to present the 1st single from Louis Prima Jr and The Witnesses BLOW album out June 10th, 2014. Check the official lyric video for “Go Lets Go,” there are Easter Eggs a plenty.

BLOW is as eclectic and unique as each member of my powerhouse band. With our collective talents and diverse musical tastes, we wind up with a raucous roller coaster ride of tail-shakin’, foot-stampin’, horn-driven smiles. We didn’t set out to simply write music we thought the fans wanted to hear. We wanted to challenge ourselves musically and also challenge the listener. If music does not come honestly from your soul, it will ultimately be short lived,”

- Louis Prima Jr.



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