Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses single debut from BLOW album – “Go Lets Go”

Hunnypot is proud to present the 1st single from Louis Prima Jr and The Witnesses BLOW album out June 10th, 2014. Check the official lyric video for “Go Lets Go,” there are Easter Eggs a plenty.

BLOW is as eclectic and unique as each member of my powerhouse band. With our collective talents and diverse musical tastes, we wind up with a raucous roller coaster ride of tail-shakin’, foot-stampin’, horn-driven smiles. We didn’t set out to simply write music we thought the fans wanted to hear. We wanted to challenge ourselves musically and also challenge the listener. If music does not come honestly from your soul, it will ultimately be short lived,”

- Louis Prima Jr.




Hunnypot Radio Live at The Mint 4/7/14 w. JT Griffith (Nike – DJ Set) + YNGCULT + Barbi Crash + E-Train + The Herms + Das Tapes


HPR #288 Flyer

Hunnypot Radio Live at The Mint w, (Performing Live)

The Mint
6010 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035


7pm - John Anderson (Hot Tub Johnnie DJ-Set)

8:00pm - JT Griffith (Nike interview/DJ Set)

9:00pm – YNGCULT (Performing Live)

9:45pm – Das Tapes (Performing Live)

10:30pm – The Herms (Performing Live)

11:15pm – Barbi Crash (Performing Live)

11:35pm – E-Train (Performing Live)

No List, No Cover, Open to all +18!


JT Griffith

JT Griffith works in Portland, OR as Nike’s internal music supervisor working globally within the company’s brand connections group. Since 1993 he’s experienced a variety of aspects in the music business. As a music supervisor, JT has over 12 years experience and played a creative or licensing role on 3 Grammy-nominated music projects. In Music Supervision he was part of the music team behind TV shows such as HBO’s Six Feet Under, NBC’s Boomtown and films including Shrek 2Madagascar and Over the Hedge. In radio, he has hosted a weekly new music / indie rock show on Oregon NPR affiliate (KOPB / opbmusic.org) after helping produce a show on KCRW, which was nominated for the Best Radio Show in LA. He worked at Nettwerk Records & Mgmt in the Film and TV department including a wide range of placements and developing a brand marketing focus and a sports expertise. He also was involved in Nettwerk’s US A&R efforts, signing and working with a wide range of bands (including the Submarines, Of Montreal, Ladytron, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Styrofoam, etc.) and initiated the first publishing joint venture with Nacional Records/Cookman Intl, which included the Pinker Tones, Nortec Collective, Aterciopelados and others. In 1996 he created one of the first music blogs called Jam Online and later co-founded the P2P music metric and marketing firm BigChampagne.




YNGCULT hail from the Los Angeles area, but remain anonymous. “Sides of War,” one of the two singles known to their name (the other titled “Lets Get It Back“), is a pre-release from their Capitoll EP, which is set to be available early 2014.

Quite obviously, production is where YNGCULT thrives. “Sides of War” creates engaging buildups and minimalist drops, with twinkling synth and haunting female vocals, similar to what we heard on Cathedrals’ “Unbound.” With emphasis on floating melodies and thoughtful lyrical content, the anticipation for this EP is of high caliber. “Sides of War” is diverse and passionate yet utterly graceful within its every motion.



das tapes b.w


Das Tapes were born in Los Angeles, 2010, brothers/producers Das Tapes are doing more than taking a stab at pop music; with Kevin helming drums, beat production and lead vocals, and Mark as the guitar and synth-wielding doctor, they’re killing it and bringing it back to life.  Both schooled in jazz and fanatics of Hip hop and Motown, their gleaming beats and earnest songwriting were captured on their self-titled, -produced and -released EP.  Described ”addictive, sexy, dark and dirty synth laden,” blogs around the globe have already had a field day using their likeness in mixtapes, DJ sets and remixes.  And not to be outdone, the production duo’s handled remix duties for both Mates of State and Okkervil River singles.




The Herms


The Herms are a smudged window into a neighboring dimension to ours.  This brash, new outfit has taken the east side by storm with their passion and depth.


The Herms Drop Out Vol. 1


Barbi Crash

Barbi Crash started originally as a duo called Black Barbie. In 2011, the remaining member of Black Barbie transformed into the superhuman Barbi Crash.





Raised in Chicago, Erich “E-TRAIN” Malo has always been known for his obsession with breakdancing, beat-boxing, and party rapping.  Growing up with a twin sister classically trained as a dancer and choreographer,  E-TRAIN was constantly surrounded  by music and dance.  Despite his artistic bent, E-TRAIN majored in business but when his mother Roxane Malo tragically passed away during his freshman year, young Erich’s passion for music and art blossomed and he transformed into the artist the world knows today as E-TRAIN.




Video Pick: Polaris Rose- Hurricanes


Polaris Rose is an indie-alternative rock band based out of Los Angeles. The duo made up of Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse create a sound that is all their own. Their music blends great lyrics, melodies, harmonies, grooves, innovative sounds and everything else you could want in a song. Fair warning though; their music will get stuck in your head. Their new single “Hurricanes” is off their upcoming EP “OceanSongs” coming out April 22nd, 2014.

Polaris Rose







GZUS PIECE – “Daily Bread” (Download)




The Truth 103rd, representing Chicago. Member of Treated Crew.  The Light.


YNGCULT – Let’s Get It Back


YNGCULT hail from the Los Angeles area, but remain anonymous. “Sides of War,” one of the two singles known to their name (the other titled “Lets Get It Back“), is a pre-release from their Capitoll EP, which is set to be available early 2014.

Don’t Miss YNGCULT play live at The Mint April 7th at 9pm. 18+ Free all night!




Video Pick: July Talk – Guns + Ammunition

July Talk is an  indie rock band from Toronto, Canada. Their interesting blend of musical genres creates a sound like no other. The band consists of Peter Dreimanis, Leah Fay,  Ian Docherty, Josh Warburton and Danny Miles. They are signed to Sleepless Records and this song is off their self titled album ‘July Talk’. Check out their awesome song “Guns + Ammunition” here:



Download now








The Dollyrots – Barefoot and Pregnant (Lyric Videos Volume 1)

The Dollyrots fifth album,”Barefoot and Pregnant”, has climbed the Billboard charts to the fanfare of fans an critics alike. Unfazed by such pomp and circumstance the band continues to labor for the love of their fans, painstakingly making unique lyric videos for the entire album. The first three have been released in the past few weeks, and it’s only fitting that we share them with you on the one month anniversary of the release of this Pop-Punk Masterpiece.

Watch and sing along:

Come and Get it

Stupidly in Love


First World Anarchist


Check out more from The Dollyrots on Facebook, Twitter, their Website, and Buy The Album Here



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