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Video Pick: Seven Saturdays – XXX (feat. Rachel Stolte)

Hunnypot Unlimited’s Seven Saturdays have released their official video for XXX. Producer/Director/Editor Justin Paul shot on location in Long Beach, CA in the Seven Saturdays’ warehouse. Yeah, Seven Saturdays’ has their own warehouse now…cheers guys! The live footage was shot at The Satellite & The Echo in Los Angeles, CA.





Hunnypot Artist Compilation: Volume 14


Hunnypot Artist Compilation Vol. 14

Hello Friends,

I’m proud to present our latest artist compilation from the Hunnypot catalog. As always we’re featuring a satisfying mix of  buzzing Artists many from the greater Los Angeles area. We bring you King Washington, Prima Donna, Seven Saturdays, Das Tapes, The Hidden Lines, Robotanists, and more. Please enjoy our quarterly musical treat. All songs are ready to be licensed. Thanks for supporting Hunnypot and all we do!

Feel free to share.

Sincerely Yours,

Track Listing1. The Hidden Lines – Tame The Lion

2. Eclectic Approach – All That Is Missing (Mind Control)

3. Prima Donna – Feral Children

4. Robotanists – On/Off The Ledge

5. Sierra West – It’s About Time

6. DJ Wool – Getting Leary

7. King Washington – Don’t Expect My Love

8. Trabants – El Dorado

9. The Moonbeams – Rock On

10. Far East Movement – Basshead

11. Seven Saturdays – Southern Lights

12. King Washington – Animal

13. Das Tapes – Neon Boots

14. Casey K (Headcase) – Forgotten In The Moonlight

15. Louis Prima Jr. – Just A Gigolo (I Ain’t Got No Body)

                                                          Download Now!



Vol. 11
It’s back!!
Here it is…the brand spankin’ new Hunnypot Vol. 11 Artist Compilation. This handpicked compilation features fresh and current singles from HP favorites Far East Movement, Eighty4 Fly, Peachcake, Hong Kong Dong, Johnny Ringo, Seven Saturdays and more + our latest obsessions from Steve Poltz, The Wow, Solar Drive, and a classic by the Louis Prima Jr.. It’s all your’s to stream, download and share!!

Track List
1. Peachcake – The World Is Our Platform To Mean Something
2. Solar Drive – No Drama (feat. TC & Kevin Hicks)
3. Hong Kong Dong – Sweet Sensations
4. Eighty4 Fly – So Cool
5. Steve Poltz – I Pray It Never Comes To This
6. Brøthers – We Are Pushing On
7. The Wow – Whittier Blvd.
8. Far East Movement – Change Your Life (feat. Flo Rida & Sidney Samson)
9. Seven Saturdays – One In 3
10. Johnny Ringo – All Mine
11. Ocean City Defender – The Golden Hour
12. James Douglas Show – Wonderfully
13. Louis Prima Jr. – Oh Babe



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