Seven Saturdays – Make Note Of Every Sound (Official Video)

Hunnypot’s very own Seven Saturdays released their official video for Make Note of Every Sound and it packs a punch! Seven Saturdays has always had a very cinematic sound and for this video is translates over in a very beautifully unexpected way. The video flashes between a loving mother and daughter playing with origami cranes and a bloody, bloody massacre that takes place in a warehouse. There’s epic fight scene’s with samurai swords and chopped off limbs and streamers and tons and tons of slo-mo scenes! What more could you ask for?



Upcoming Performance & Live Video Screening
7/31 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite (Tickets)
Live screening of “Make Note Of Every Sound” prior to performance


audio from Hunnypot Radio Live at The Mint 6/16/14 w, Molly Bohas (Northstar Media – Guest DJ Set) + Seven Saturdays + Dozay + Hobosexual + Cold Blood Club [#293]


Hunnypot Radio Live Listening Party

Hot Tub Johnnie (DJ Set) + Molly Bohas (Northstar Media – Guest DJ Set) + Hobosexual (Interview) + Cold Blood Club (Interview):



Live Performances

Seven Saturdays + Dozay + Hobosexual + Cold Blood Club:



PLAYLIST: Hunnypot Radio – Show #293 – 6-16-14

—— Hot Tub Johnnie DJ Set ——

Thee Nullify Family – Surgeon General Warning

A House for Lions – Come On Let’s Go

Bearheart – Before I Die

Street Joy – Moon

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of the Seasons

Mankind – Blood, Sugar

Louis Prima Jr. – Might Be Crazy

Kraak & Smaak – How We Gonna Stop The Time (feat. Stee Downes)

LUXXURY – Filming Some Girls

Cold Blood Club Interview

Cold Blood Club –  Michelada

Goldroom – Embrace

DJ Kay Rich x Clayton William Feat. The Kid Ryan, Sage the Gemini, Milla, DMac, Syrup, J-Maine – What You Sippin On Bitch Fill Ur Cup

D!rty Aud!o & Mr Collipark ft. Ying Yang Twins – Reverse

Die Antwoord – Pitbull Terrier

Seinabo Sey – Hard Time

Nervo & Marco Lys – Don’t Break My Heart (Paul Strive Remix)

Alex Metric – Galaxy (Feat. Oliver)

—— Molly Bohas DJ Set ——

Hobosexual Interview

Hobosexual – BMX

Silent Lions – Crash and Burns

Aceyalone feat. Cee-Lo – Workin Man’s Blues Remix

Esquille – Heyo (Funky 3D Radio Mix)

The Lower 48 – That’s What I’ll Say

Greta Van Fleet – Standing On

Roses & Revolution – Take Me With You

GOLD – Onto Me

Kenneth Thomas – Best Night Ever (feat. Drew Chambers)

Eliza Rickman – Start With Goodbye, Stop With Hello

Boom Shack Set

G-Eazy – Lotta That (feat. A$AP Ferg & Danny Seth)

Waka Flocka Flame – Hard In Da Paint

Seven Saturdays Live Performance

Nacey – I Own It (feat. Angle Haze)

TEEFLII Feat. 2 Chainz – 24 Hours

2 Chainz – I’m Different

T-Pain Feat, B.O.B – Up Down (Do This All Day)

The Notorious B.I G.  Feat. Puff Daddy & Ma$e – Mo Money Mo Problems

Dozay Live Performance

Hobosexual Live Performance

HBK Gang Feat. IAMSU! & P-LO & Kool John & Jay Ant & Skipper – Never Goin’ Broke

DoZay Interview

DoZay feat. Jonn Hart – Knock It Out

Dada Life – Born To Rage

Cold Blood Club Live Performance

Sak Noel – Loca People

Bee Gees – Night Fever

Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop

Ida Corr Vs. Fedde Le Grand – Let Me Think About It

Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Peter Allen – I Go To Rio

The Shirelles – Baby It’s You

Sly and the Family Stone – Thank You (Fallettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Spiral Starecase – More Today Than Yesterday

America – Sister Golden Hair

Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing




HPR #293

7pm – John Anderson (Hot Tub Johnnie DJ-Set)

8:00pm – Molly Bohas (Northstar Media – Guest DJ Set)

8:45pm – Seven Saturdays (Performing Live Acoustic)

9:15pm – Dozay (Performing Live)

9:50pm – Hobosexual (Performing Live)

10:35pm – Cold Blood Club (Performing Live)

Molly Bohas HEADSHOT

Molly Bohas

As a Senior Director of Creative Services for North Star Media, I focus on signing artists, songwriters and composers, plugging songs and placing our diverse catalog into television shows, commercials, feature films, trailers, games, etc. Before working at NSM, I worked the other way around the creative process putting visuals to music for over a decade as a director’s representative for music videos. I was one of the six original members of Anonymous Content and was fortunate to work with some of the pioneers and award-winning directors: David Fincher, Mark Romanek, Gore Verbinski, Wong Kar War, Garth Jennings, Jake Nava, Alan Ferguson, Joaquin Phoenix, Phil Griffin and Chris Hopewell to name a few. I worked on music videos for artists such as: Johnny Cash (Hurt), Jay-Z (99 Problems), NIN (Only), No Doubt (Hella Good), Beyonce (Single Ladies), Katy Perry (Hot N Cold), DJ Shadow (Six Days), Audioslave (Cochise), Prince, Pink, Alicia Keys, Jack White, Shakira, Linkin Park, Beck, LeAnn Rimes and Bon Jovi, Chemical Brothers, Fall Out Boy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Legend and Billy Corgan. I also associate produced six short films for al Gore’s LIVE EARTH environmental awareness campaign, including those by Chad Lowe, Joaquin Phoenix and Malcolm Venville.


Seven Saturdays

Jonathan D. Haskell’s work as Seven Saturdays is informed by the desolation of afterhours Los Angeles. From dimly lit Mulholland Drive to the isolated streets of Downtown, it is in these quiet moments symphonic landscapes emerge; coming together to form the headphone-centric Seven Saturdays. Seven Saturdays began as a creative concept in 2010 when Los Angeles musician/producer Jonathan D. Haskell wanted to sharpen his engineering skills on off days during the recording of his first two EPs (Seven Saturdays – which Stereogum described as “gripping and mellowly epic” – & The Snowflakes That Hit Us Became Our Stars). Over seven consecutive Saturdays, Haskell challenged himself to write, play and record an entire song each day. Not only did this exercise lead to the band’s namesake and a full-length album (2011’s Love In The Time Of Anticipated Defeat), it also grew into something Haskell had not anticipated. “It was really cathartic because not only did a fully realized ambient record emerge from this experience, but that vision ultimately expanded the boundaries of what I initially thought my musical direction would be,” Jonathan explains, “whereas the first EPs were more structured and orchestrated, these ‘ambient’ recordings were free and sonically expansive.”



Born in new York and move to Los Angeles at the age of 3 years, his mom settled in the city of west Covina, which has both its negative and positive influence, but with the help of his step father on his side, Dozay shaped into a respectful, dedicated and hard-working young man. Dozay states,”From the beginning I knew I wanted to entertain people because I thought it was super dope.: Although some consider his music to be more entertaining than regular hip hop/ rap, Dozay still tries to maintain the elements of hip hop in his own work. He always makes sure that he does not stray away from anything else that’s coming out musically and at the same time trying to give his music a bit of a make-up or face lift while trying to keep it real and delivering fresh while having fun at the same time. Dozay loves to entertain. He will always help sell tickets on behalf club promoters to club goers and in return the promoters will let him perform in the clubs for free. Behind Dozay, is the man they call “The African Jew”.(GSE) The African Jew has been in the music industry for over twelve years.



“It’s a sound with scurvy, a creaming of fuzzed amplification that builds and fans out. Way out. Think Thin Lizzie (sic) and Black Sabbath burning on a pyre of Lincoln Logs. It’s a bloodletting of wattage with looping, chunked stacks of heaving guitars. If you’re afraid of the rock, don’t listen.” – Trent Moorman (The Stranger)

Since guitarist/vocalist Ben Harwood began the band in Seattle, Washington near the end of 2009, Hobosexual has been making the most of their local notoriety and having a hell of a great time. They sold out of the thousand-copy run of their self-titled debut CD (Hobosexual, 2010) before they’d toured more than an hour away from home and then recorded a live album at Seattle’s historic Columbia City Theater (Hobosexual: Live At The CCT, 2011), selling all two hundred cassette-only copies in a little over a month, all while they set the standard for other local rock duos with an uncompromising live sound that often sounds a hell of a lot more like a tastefully overdriven heavy metal quartet successfully attempting to drown out an exploding Boeing 747 engine. Now that Hobosexual has become a regular act at local music festivals (including the inaugural Timber Outdoor Music Festival in 2013 and Slack Fest – the raucous summer birthday celebration of KEXP-FM’s music director Don Yates – in 2012 and 2013), appeared on several local radio and TV broadcasts (notably KJR-FM’s Bob Rivers Morning Show, KEXP’s Audioasis with Hannah Levin, and Art Zone with Nancy Guppy), and sold out of their first self-produced line of pre-packaged 3-3/4” action figures, the band is releasing their second studio record, Hobosexual II. It’s fair to say that risks have been taken in making this album louder and heavier than the swampy lo-fidelity blues of their first release.


Cold Blood Club

Cold Blood Club is a dark, indie rock love letter to New York City that puts a new spin on the electro dance/pop sound with an edgy blend of soul and rock influences.  Inspired by life in New York and the likes of New Order, Depeche Mode, Broken Social Scene and The Flaming Lips, guitarist/songwriter Tom Stuart (Radio America) began writing songs for powerhouse singer Kendra Jones. What started as a small studio project quickly evolved into a collective of dynamic live musicians.  After recruiting former bandmates Jesse Reno (Radio America) to play bass and Brad Peterson (Earlymay) to join on lead vocals, Cold Blood Club was soon joined by wunderkind drummer Shin Kamei (Angela Jane), flame haired violinist Hilary Davis (Bella Koshka) and Adina Benno on keys.

Video Pick: Seven Saturdays – XXX (feat. Rachel Stolte)

Hunnypot Unlimited’s Seven Saturdays have released their official video for XXX. Producer/Director/Editor Justin Paul shot on location in Long Beach, CA in the Seven Saturdays’ warehouse. Yeah, Seven Saturdays’ has their own warehouse now…cheers guys! The live footage was shot at The Satellite & The Echo in Los Angeles, CA.



Hunnypot Artist Compilation: Volume 14


Hunnypot Artist Compilation Vol. 14

Hello Friends,

I’m proud to present our latest artist compilation from the Hunnypot catalog. As always we’re featuring a satisfying mix of  buzzing Artists many from the greater Los Angeles area. We bring you King Washington, Prima Donna, Seven Saturdays, Das Tapes, The Hidden Lines, Robotanists, and more. Please enjoy our quarterly musical treat. All songs are ready to be licensed. Thanks for supporting Hunnypot and all we do!

Feel free to share.

Sincerely Yours,

Track Listing1. The Hidden Lines – Tame The Lion

2. Eclectic Approach – All That Is Missing (Mind Control)

3. Prima Donna – Feral Children

4. Robotanists – On/Off The Ledge

5. Sierra West – It’s About Time

6. DJ Wool – Getting Leary

7. King Washington – Don’t Expect My Love

8. Trabants – El Dorado

9. The Moonbeams – Rock On

10. Far East Movement – Basshead

11. Seven Saturdays – Southern Lights

12. King Washington – Animal

13. Das Tapes – Neon Boots

14. Casey K (Headcase) – Forgotten In The Moonlight

15. Louis Prima Jr. – Just A Gigolo (I Ain’t Got No Body)

                                                          Download Now!



Vol. 11
It’s back!!
Here it is…the brand spankin’ new Hunnypot Vol. 11 Artist Compilation. This handpicked compilation features fresh and current singles from HP favorites Far East Movement, Eighty4 Fly, Peachcake, Hong Kong Dong, Johnny Ringo, Seven Saturdays and more + our latest obsessions from Steve Poltz, The Wow, Solar Drive, and a classic by the Louis Prima Jr.. It’s all your’s to stream, download and share!!

Track List
1. Peachcake – The World Is Our Platform To Mean Something
2. Solar Drive – No Drama (feat. TC & Kevin Hicks)
3. Hong Kong Dong – Sweet Sensations
4. Eighty4 Fly – So Cool
5. Steve Poltz – I Pray It Never Comes To This
6. Brøthers – We Are Pushing On
7. The Wow – Whittier Blvd.
8. Far East Movement – Change Your Life (feat. Flo Rida & Sidney Samson)
9. Seven Saturdays – One In 3
10. Johnny Ringo – All Mine
11. Ocean City Defender – The Golden Hour
12. James Douglas Show – Wonderfully
13. Louis Prima Jr. – Oh Babe